Why Give?

The Southern Nevada Musical Arts Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community
organization whose purpose is the promotion and performance of quality choral and orchestra masterworks, musical productions, and chamber concerts
consistent with a strong community and educational outreach in Southern Nevada.

Unfortunately, ticket sales do not cover the cost of bringing these wonderful masterworks to performance. As a not-for-profit arts organization, we depend on the generous contributions of members and supporters each season.

The Southern Nevada Musical Arts Society Chorus is a volunteer choir drawn from a large community of trained but non-professional musicians who live and work in Southern Nevada, and depends upon the professional musical support of soloists and instrumentalists who themselves must earn a living if they are to devote their time and talent to their skills.

Your contribution is not only tax deductible, but goes directly toward hiring instrumentalists and soloists as well as renting performance and rehearsal space–all things necessary to bring these wonderful masterworks to you. Your generous donation in any amount is greatly appreciated.

You can find forms for download here.

Musical Arts Society Supporters


Douglas R. Peterson
John E. Tucker

Conductor’s Circle

Donna & Ragnar Olufsen
Carolyn Peterson
Thomas & Mack Co.

Platinum Circle

Robert & Edith Carlson
Karen Denzler
Joan Maule
Russ Mickelson
David Peterson
David Shaffer & Donna Weistrop

Gold Circle

Brad Davies
Rhonda Fansler
William Rosado
Smith’s Food King

Silver Circle

Douglas & Jennifer Haag
Sonia Jimenez
Betty Miller
Bruce & Wanda Lafolette
Charles & Ull Miyashire
Eva Meder & Peter Noonan
Gregory & Miranda Ogawa
Marvia Perry
Kathleeen Peters
Virginia Schlipp
Alma Strabala
Penelope Thompson

Bronze Circle

David Greene
Tamara Hicks
Cecilia Laine
Rimantas Rukstele
Hal Weller
Beth Waite
Betty Wagstaff
Thomas Wellman